i went to go get some food and i went to pay with cash but inside my wallet was just lunch meat? i was paying like normal though and i was like "oh, is $12 okay?" and i hand the guy two pieces of roast beef and three pieces of salami.

he looks at me weird and is like "i just need one piece of roast beef, thanks." and i was like "???" and took one piece back and shoved it back into my disgusting meat wallet.
i fell asleep while streaming, and when i woke up it was still running but there was nobody watching. i shut off the stream and i look back on the chat to see what was happening while i was asleep. it was mostly people being like "are they asleep" but at one point i got a raid of 1000 people.

i remember being really sad in the dream that i missed it, and embarrassed that i fell asleep in the first place. i look back to see the streamer that raided me and it was eridan (yes, from homestuck) and he was a minecraft streamer.