get to know me: room tour!

august 7th, 2023

i figured it would be really fun to do a room tour!

i think one of the best ways to get to know a person is through looking at their living space. for more or less the last 13 years (since i was 16 years old) i have been working on making this dream room a reality.

i've seen the notion online before that rooms like this usually come from people with a lot of money, and that is true sometimes! however, i need to remind you that i am 29 years old and this room is where i spend 90% of my life, i'd say. i don't have a car, i don't travel (never been outside the USA, actually), i don't really have much besides what you see in this room.

i preface with this, because i don't want people to think i'm rich or something. it's just 10+ years of work. this is my dream room, and it took many years of saving up money and spending money to get to this point. this room did not manifest over night!

that all said, i am very excited to share my true happiness with you all! i live in a museum of my own creation, i am surrounded by things i truly love. having an environment like this is one of my top sources of happiness.

if you right-click on an image and open it in a new tab you can zoom in closer!

welcome to my office space! we were SUPER lucky that our current apartment included a den! this actually doesn't count as a "bedroom" in the floor plan, i'm not sure why considering it's actually quite spacious!

let's take a look closer at some of the many things in my museum of a room LOL. first off - the figure case!

top shelf is for my favorite figures!

second shelf is dedicated to more mikus, and then spider-man and deadpool! you may also notice minato from persona 3 in the back! sorry this is kinda a doo doo picture

third shelf is mostly for digimon stuff!

and my last shelf is the "what do i do with you guys..." shelf!

bookshelf 1! this is where i mostly keep my manga, but you'll also spot some art books and dvds, too!

more of this shelf! i tend to read a lot of manga online, and only after i've read it all will i decide if i want to buy a series to have physical copies of or not!

bookshelf 2! this is where i keep novels, as well as some plushies and collections!

my book collection! all the books on my shelf i have read to completion. i don't keep books on my shelf unless they are read!

i have vtuber illness...

i love vtubers of all sorts! i'm weak to cute mech of them...!

this is my pin board! there are also some keychains here.

so, that's about it! i don't have much commentary, because i really think a lot of the room tells a story itself, you know? wow, did you really read all of this? seriously?

if you want to chat, feel free to shoot an email to me! i'm always excited to meet more people that share interests with me!