first entry

july 30th, 2023
welcome to my first ever blog entry!

you might be wondering why i made this website. like, why am i doing all this?

or you know what... maybe you aren't wondering anything at all. and that's fine.

to be blunt, social media has chipped away at my humanity. twitter has made me feel like a product, rather than a person. to be fair, it's kind of designed to do that, but as a full time artist that relies on social media to make money and pay's different.
how can i market myself?
what do i offer to people by posting?
is this what they want? will they like this?
these thoughts are not uncommon for a full-time content creator. but, at some point, i feel like i started thinking it was normal to think this way.

this isn't normal.

i don't want it to be like this, you know? i just want to be able to make art and entertain people without all the extra bullshit.

my misery is my motivation. i thought to myself: if i have something online that is MINE, i'll feel better.

and i do!

it feels good to get stuff off my chest in this fashion. i miss long form blogging like this. i miss feeling like i could get to know people in a deeper way just through a website. something like this is magical to me.

and the best part of this is... i don't need to know who read this.

maybe nobody will. and that thought makes me happy. i don't need people to read this. it's just to express myself. just for me.