where did this month go?

october 30th, 2023

i wanted to write something for this month but i don't feel like i have much to say. i've been working really hard lately! i drew about 30 icons for the month of october, which as i'm typing this has me thinking, no wonder you didn't do much this month, all you were doing was working.

i wanted to write a monthly media recap, but i didn't really... do a lot in my free time. i've been working VERY hard. i did a lot of art, i did two marathon streams, i've been really working my ass off on fansly.

yeah... looks like it's been a really work heavy month.

good news btw: my fansly (NSFW content) is popping off like crazy. i make more from that than i do twitch, which i maybe have mixed feelings about, but it doesn't shock me. sex sells!

i'll make it a goal to have more free time in november. i sat here thinking "what DID i do this month" but while writing this blog entry i really started to realize how much i really was doing. it's weird how i can feel like i did nothing, when in reality i did a lot.

october passed by in a blur, and it's just now hitting me. did i enjoy this month? i don't know.

i'm going to go outside and take a walk now. it's a beautiful day and i have some unread library books to return.