how i improved my art dramatically

september 30th, 2023

hey there! i figured i would write up a little blog entry since i've been thinking a lot about my art process lately!

for about a month, i took a little break from art. i didn't stop drawing entirely, since art is my main source of income, however, i drew less and took far less work than i usually do, as i was feeling a bit of an art block.

i see a lot of artists struggle heavily with art block, and not knowing what to do when it hits them. people ask me all the time - what do you do when you have art block?

as a full time artist i have learned to continue pushing and drawing even when i am blocked, as i don't really have a choice. i have to pay my bills, so if i feel art block i keep going. even so, i still do get art block.

this is my way of not only combatting art block, but improving your art.

so, you're feeling meh about your art. what is there to do?

the best thing to do during this time, is look at art you like, but with purpose. if you cannot draw, you will analyze. save all the pieces of your favorite art you come accross, and start observing what you like best, then attempt to emulate it.

for example, here are some art pieces i enjoy:

these pieces are all by different artists, but they share certain similarities. what are they? what makes me like these pieces of art? how can i use similar techniques in my own art?

back when i was in university for creative writing, something a professor said stuck with me. he said "good writers are good readers". this advice applies similarly to art. good artists look at art.

to improve at art, you must look at other artists art. to truly create your own unique style, you must take bits and pieces you enjoy from other artists and combine them into something new. after viewing many pieces of art i enjoy, i took small snippets from each piece i liked, and attempted to emulate one aspect of it.

now, let's take a look at my art before and after my studies:



can you see how i added certain aspects of the art i enjoy to my own style? i found that by doing these focused style studies, i have been able to improve rapidly.

i am a self-taught artist, and by no means am i a qualified instructor, but i really do find that this is what works for me, so i just wanted to share it!

i've been feeling pretty good about my art lately, and this technique is what helped me most! i highly suggest saving art you enjoy and try to emulate it. how are you supposed to make art others enjoy if you don't even understand what you enjoy in other artists art? at least that's how i think of it!

anyway, i'm doing okay lately. nothing huge to report - i don't really leave the house much, you know? but with autumn on the horizon, i think i'll have some fun things to share soon! i can't wait to celebrate my favorite season!