adhd oopsie!

january 20th, 2024

well, well, well. looks like i haven't written a blog entry in 3 months! i sorta of saw this coming, as my hyperfixation on neocities died down. typical ADHD bullshit on my end, but it's not like anyone was sitting here with bated breath anyway, right?

right now i'm catching myself in a sudden moment of wanting to write a blog entry, so lets seize it while we can, okay?

some quick life recaps:
    - played & finished some new games: pocket mirror, little goodie two shoes, ai somnium, GTAV (yup, never played it)! all of them were great and i highly recommend them!
    - as far as work goes, i'm basically only doing ASMR now. i really enjoy it a lot. if it's your jam, check out my youtube channel for it! i also stream monday-friday at 9 AM CT!
    - my NSFW stuff is sorta popping off, too. i love being a whore! not gonna link that, but if you're smart i'm sure you'll find it lol.
    - saw my parents in florida for a couple of days in early january. it was nice, i really missed them.
    - got a manicure for the first time and loved it. now i'm learning how to do my nails on my own! and after 20+ years of biting them, i've finally kicked the habit!
other than that, not much to report! i'm a work-a-holic! i have my routine and i sorta stick to it - you know?

even though i might not update this site very often, please always feel free to apply to the webring if you'd like! this website is still my baby.

the best way to have some sort of intimate contact with me is via my discord server. i only really use twitter and other social medias for my job, but i enjoy conversing with people in the server!

enjoy the various site updates!