this is where you can find links related to website creation and the web revival movement! many of these links lead to places i have personally utilized in some form.

container basic layout by cepheus - this is the theme my site uses! i have modified it a lot, but please check it out!

cheesecake theme by nonkiru - super cute theme with draggable windows!

pom's premades - a lot of excellent themes in here!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ bear - i haven't personally used this but it seems like a really easy to set up blogging system!

foollovers - super cute pixel graphics! several of my donut graphics are from here.

webring list - one of the most comprehensive lists of webrings i've found to this date! absolutely check it out if you'd like to look for one to be a part of!

notepad++ - i coded my site using this! way better than coding directly onto neocities and updating every time i want to see a change (yes i did this 💀). - a fantastic read and manifesto regarding transforming internet culture and socialization to something less tainted by corporate filth!

intro to the web revival - a guide on the web revival movement and some very basic tips on how to get started with making your very own website.

w3schools - resource for easy-to-digest tutorials on HTML and CSS. without this website's tutorials there is NO WAY i would have been able to build this website LOL!

emojibank - great place for cute favicons. saving images from here is a pain in the ass, though. you'll need to use inspect element to get links so you can download stuff.

sort images by color - does what it says

catbox - free filehosting service. - share your status with people. cool widget you can integrate into your site, too!

texturetown - get textures here!

ezgif - best online gif editor. i literally prefer using this over photoshop for making a gif LOL

snowing CSS - make an image of your choice snow all over your webpage.

CRT display CSS - create a CRT effect with CSS.

the rainbow locker - ungodly amount of graphics. great place to start if you want pixels, blinkies, buttons, etc.


cool fucking websites i really enjoy!

yume nikki online project - play yume nikki and related fangames online with other people!

getting started into the “kill the past” series - a guide to SUDA51'S "kill the past" series! this is what no more heroes, my favorite game, is a part of! PLEASE PLAY KILL THE PAST GAMES. PLEASE LOVE SUDA51.


videos i love so much i need to put them on my links page

playstation 2 drum & bass DJ mix - this came up in my youtube recs and honestly. this fucking rules. that's all.


how to sail the seven seas - anime, manga, weeb shit in general

mikudb - get vocaloid songs here.

khinsider - game OSTs.