how would you describe yourself?
how would YOU describe me, bucko
caretaker - i like to help everyone whenever i can!
a ball of sunshine! i like to smile!
i'm a workaholic.
shy and softspoken...
a little bit of a nuisance to others.

what would you say your number one goal in life is?
advancing my career and achieving all of my goals.
to just get by without too much trouble.
i want to make my friends happy!
to have a family (this includes found family)!
to be an entertainer - i want to be the life of the party!
to become a god!!! actually just kidding i already am one!!!
to build up my self-confidence and grow as a person.
i want to defeat my enemies in battle.

what type of food do you like?
something plain - i'm the type to like the "classics".
salad with a ton of veggies and nuts.
i like a wide variety of things and don't have a strong preference!
SPICY FOOD!!! i love spicy food omggggg
foods that can be shared - like pizza!
i love dessert - i have such a sweet tooth!

what would you do if you were getting robbed?
start barking like a dog until the robber runs away.
give them my wallet immediately - i don't want to cause a scene.
explode them with my telekinetic powers lol!
curl up and play dead as a defense mechanism.
i am prepared for this! i use pepper spray on them and get away.
nervously crack a joke before giving them all of my money.
try to reason with them! maybe they're just having a bad day!
simply walk away.

how do you unwind after a long day?
i like to spend time alone enjoying my hobbies peacefully!
watch a movie with a friend or two.
troll people on the internet for the lulz
work more on personal projects.
text everyone in my phone and make problems on purpose ❤️
cooking a big dinner for my loved ones!
go shopping at the mall with my friends!

how many people have you dated?
490147145908217451249124284521851304 people
2 or 3 people - i tend to stick around for a long time in relationships
i don't have time for dating.
quite a few - but all of the relationships ended on very good terms!
somewhere between 1 and 20 people. guess the number!
not a lot of people at all, but that's okay!
like. a bazillion.

what do you think of thiz quiz?
it was a waste of my time.
i will find you later and file a formal complaint if i do not like the result.
WHO GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was nice! thank you for your time!
i had so much fun taking it!
it was nice.
it was great, sweetie!
i thought it was great oomfie!