digimon adventure (デジモンアドベンチャー)is an anime about a group of seven children who are transported away to another world while they're at summer camp - the digital world!

the digital world is inhabited by creatures called digimon. the choosen children must now help save this world with their partnered digimon!

growing up, i was always faaaarrrr more into digimon rather than pokemon. while pokemon focused on the monsters in the show more, digimon really did have more of a focus on the individual children and their personalities.

the escapism aspect of digimon was far more appealing to me - but i suppose i was always more of a fan of isekai type shows. i didn't want to just live in a world that had pokemon or something, i wanted to get far away from the world i lived in entirely - go somewhere totally new!

one of my first ever ships as a kid was daisuke/ken.

in digimon, as the years have passed by, these children have aged up with me. in the current upcoming digimon film, daisuke and ken are now aged at 21 years old, but to be more accurate they should actually be well into their 30s now (daisuke was born in 1991). point is, these two quite literally grew up with me, and they will forever have a special place in my heart!