dedicated to sharing photos and videos of my favorite memories, as well as links to my favorite worlds!


Andou Maid Cafe - world made for me! if you're a fan of my vtuber and streams, please check it out!

CyberLove Okinawa ˸˸˸ 沖縄 - my go to world to chill in. warm lighting, chill atmosphere, great music!

Hare's Diner - atmospheric diner world with awesome vibes! really fun to hang out with friends in!

Nest ネスト - super relaxing homeworld! if i just want somewhere i can be by myself or just one other person, this is a cozy world to chill in!

敗北居酒屋かがさき - Japanese Izakaya Kagasaki - a classic izakaya! honestly, this is the kind of place i would like to spend time in irl. i love dimly lit, yet warm and cozy bars/pubs!

花ノ島 - Island of Flora - beautiful world with a forest path and a huge beach. probably my all time favorite beach world - the water is beautiful here!

PokoPeaLand - warning: THIS WORLD IS HUGE. GIANT theme park world with functioning attractions and rollercoasters. they even have merchandise you can attach to your avatar and wear while you're there!

Warm․ Obscured - the perfect world to fall asleep in. a must go-to for ASMR enthusiests. this world has so many soothing ASMR triggers to enjoy - i find myself wanting to go here to wind down!

711 Taiwan - the best convenience store world i've ever come across - period! plenty of snacks you can pick up. also, has educational blurbs about taiwan! educational and fun!