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long ago there was a low level imp, who spent many days and many nights being an overall nuisance to the denizens of both heaven and hell. such a nonthreatening hellspawn was the perfect candidate for an experiment: demon rehabilitation.

many angels had fallen to hell over the millennia. was it possible to rehabilitate a demon, so they could earn their wings back? the angels in heaven nominated the imp for such an experiment due to his irritating disposition. despite being a demon, he was rather harmless, thus making him the perfect subject.

he posed no threat whatsoever.

the angels put the imp in solitary confinement. although he was imprisoned, his accommodations were made comfortable. after two years of being in the rehabilitation program, the imp has made significant progress. it turns out, that streaming has brought his soul closer to heaven, and his human “chat” has been assisting with it greatly. although, on occasion, chat assists more in reversing his progress.

the lead angels on the imp rehabilitation project have noted andou’s progression has been very much “two steps forward, one step back”.

regardless, his progress has been excellent over the short time of the experiment’s duration. project management estimates he will have full recovered in 300 - 400 years or so. as a reward for good behavior, his confinement chambers have been upgraded. now, the imp may enjoy looking out the window. the angels hope this enrichment will encourage his growth.